Enterprise Times: Service Pump and Supply Primed for Success

November 11, 2017

Cloud-based ERP vendor Kenandy has bagged a trio of new manufacturing and distribution customers, with each citing the agility, flexibility and the use of the Salesforce Platform as key drivers behind their decision to go with the company.

The companies are Service Pump & Supply (SPS), a provider of and services pumps, motors, and accessories in the industrial and energy sectors, tent and flag manufacturer TentCraft, and industrial sewing machine manufacturer Merrow Sewing Machine Company.

Primed for success

West Virginia-based SPS is a classic example of a legacy style. It found itself in the situation of rigid IT systems holding it back and cited an inability to easily connect its enterprise for reporting purposes, which needed to facilitate a wide array of customer transactions. This resulted in reporting that was slow, manual and inaccurate.

Patrick Farrell, owner and president of SPS explains that the complexity of his business meant no one system really met all of his company’s business needs. He also stated that the relationship needed to be just as flexible as the platform.

“Nobody satisfied all our requirements,” added Farrell. “Kenandy won the day by committing to develop the rental platforms we needed. Plus, with the Salesforce platform we knew we’d be able to expand.”

Looking to the future of the company and its systems, SPS sees the interconnected use of IP-enabled pumps and motors which will effectively monitor themselves and see them placing service calls without the need for human interaction. Farrell expounds, “We could anticipate needs and solve problems in a way that takes less time and money. And if we can help others lower their costs, we add value to the supply chain as opposed to just being a middle man.”

To summarise, SPS says that every aspect of its business is better since implementing Kenandy because it has better visibility into customer data. Simple as that.

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