Investing in Appalachia

About us

Savage Grant is an investment firm committed to growing businesses throughout Appalachia. Our goal is to achieve market rate returns while tackling some of the region's toughest problems. Capital investments made in our Opportunity Zone Fund are reinvested in companies or ventures that are likely to create jobs in economically distressed areas of West Virginia and the Appalachian region.

Our investments

Savage Grant has a proven track record of building and revitalizing businesses. In addition to growing our current investments, we are actively seeking new opportunities to launch or acquire stand-alone or bolt-on businesses within central Appalachia.

Our impact investing approach focuses on addressing three main challenges we believe are top priorities for the region:

Energy and the Environment


Protecting and sustaining our natural resources is crucial to our ability to survive and thrive.  The nation's aging infrastructure combined with our region's rich energy history puts energy and the environment at the forefront of our priorities.



Service Pump & Supply provides clean water, wastewater and stormwater management solutions for companies and communities throughout central Appalachia.

Energy Services of America provides services and solutions to natural gas, petroleum, water, automotive, chemical, solar, sewer and power industries across the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.



Our region has some of the lowest workforce participation rates in the country. The talents of women, in particular, often go unrecognized with fewer women in our area graduating from college, working, and holding leadership positions. We think technology jobs are a good way to level the playing field.



Mountain Point is a technology services firm helping clients streamline marketing and sales, improve customer experiences, and properly leverage data. 

CentralApp connects skilled workers in Appalachia to companies in need of tech talent. The company focuses heavily on supporting women pursuing tech careers.

Economic Inequality


The generational cycles of poverty that have, unfortunately, become a trademark of our region are perpetuated by persistent unemployment and stagnant economic activity.



Our Opportunity Zone fund strategically invests capital in economically distressed communities to create jobs, spur growth, and promote quality of life.

Community Programs:

Appalachian Connection aims to champion and foster the future leaders of Appalachia by helping ease the financial burdens of higher education.

West Virginia Veterans connects veterans with career opportunities and resources to transition to civilian life.

WaterWork Foundation Service Pump and Supply’s WaterWork Foundation helps local communities solve their water problems.