Request for Startups

Request for Startups focused on our distinctive areas of expertise or local challenges.

Savage Grant is seeking to invest in entrepreneurs and businesses that Marshall University has identified as its areas of distinction, including cybersecurity, healthcare, aviation, advanced energy, and advanced manufacturing.

Some of the challenges that we think need solving include: 

Energy and the Environment

In the startup category of innovative energy and environmental solutions, we seek to champion initiatives that focus on sustainable energy development, environmental conservation, and ecological balance. We are on the lookout for startups driven to combat climate change, reduce environmental footprints, and create sustainable energy solutions tailored to our region’s unique needs and resources. If your endeavor encompasses revolutionary ideas in green technology, clean energy, waste management, or conservation, Savage Grant is your springboard to transform these ecological aspirations into tangible, impactful realities, contributing to the health and vitality of Appalachia and beyond.


In the realm of technology, Savage Grant is fostering a hub of digital innovation aimed at addressing the distinctive challenges and leveraging the unique opportunities within Appalachia. We are enthusiastic about startups pushing the boundaries in software development, cybersecurity, AI, robotics, and other cutting-edge technologies. We want to support ventures that harness technology to create pioneering solutions, drive connectivity, and bridge technological gaps within the region. Whether you are developing advanced apps, innovative platforms, or disruptive tech services, Savage Grant provides fertile ground to nurture, refine, and launch your technological innovations, catalyzing positive transformation in Appalachia’s digital landscape.

Economic Impact

In the economic impact category, Savage Grant is spotlighting startups with a powerful economic vision for Appalachia. We support ventures with a keen focus on economic revitalization, job creation, community development, and fostering equitable opportunities within the region. If your startup is working on innovative business models, scalable ventures, or projects that stimulate economic growth and empower local communities, Savage Grant is the conduit to accelerate your impact. Through our network of mentors, investors, and industry experts, we aspire to transform groundbreaking economic ideas into flourishing enterprises that bolster the prosperity and economic resilience of the Appalachian region.

Request for Startups Application