The business community must lead in addressing the opioid crisis

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August 29, 2018

Earlier today, our founder and President, Patrick Farrell, joined other leaders from across WV to discuss solutions to the opioid crisis. This is such an important issue for our region, and the small business community has a crucial role to play in providing employment & support.

As Patrick said, “Unfortunately, leaders don’t always get to pick their battles. The opioid crisis is one that we all wish we could have avoided, but it is here. So now it is our problem to solve. As a business community, we need to step up and lead the way.

“First responders can keep people alive. The criminal justice system can punish crimes. And elected officials can rally the community or dedicate resources for treatment. But this crisis will only end when we find a way to prevent opioid abuse in the first place and to re-integrate those coming out of rehab into the workforce.

“Addiction doesn’t discriminate, and it can happen to anyone. But it seems to have a strong preference for people that live in poor communities and for people that aren’t working. One thing we can do as a business community is to create jobs. Employment will raise our region out of poverty and give people a sense of purpose.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please seek help from your doctor, a counselor, a community center, or your clergy. Our communities need and are depending on you.

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